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All of Your Tourist and Development Needs In One Place

Tourist Services

Experience an incomparable spiritual journey while on tour visiting Ghana's historic sites and monuments throughout the culturally rich cities of Accra, Cape Coast and Kumasi. Explore the major monuments, museums and slave dungeons, all while delving deep into your ancestral history and traditions. Click here to view packages.

Tour package includes:

  • Visa application guidelines and necessary documents

  • Flight and Hotel and Detailed Itinerary

  • Business Plan Model and Consultation

  • Tours and Cultural Experience 

  • Custom-made clothes in authentic African fabrics

  • Martial Arts and Domestic Lessons 

  • Twi and Meditation Sessions


Development Management Services

This package is intended for repatriates who are need of land and development services from beginning to end. Also included are cultural assimilation lessons to aid in the transition process.

Repatriation Package Includes:​

  • Dual Citizenship information (Right of Abode)

  • Contractor and land purchasing services

  • Site plan of plot (80x80ft)

  • Interior Design

  • Customized architectural designs with layout and appliances; building materials and labor

  • Online access to check updates and project monitoring

  • Martial Arts and Domestic Lessons 

  • Twi Lessons; Meditation Sessions

  • Business Plan Model and Consultation

Construction Management Services

This package is intended to stimulate the Ghanaian economy by providing affordable financing options for project completion and construction for existing land owners. All interested parties must complete the Stimulus Application for qualification purposes. Click here to begin the application process.

Stimulus Package Includes:

  • Land and property valuation

  • Project Consultation

  • Flexible Financing Options


Private Consultations

Our clients are our number one priority, and we'll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our service and expertise. Have a specific question or project that requires our professional attention? No worries! Our services are designed to tackle those very needs. Click here to schedule your consultation today and let's open the discussion.

Land Surveying and Acquisition Services

Pempamsie Tours and Development offers our clients - who are pre-existing landowners - land surveying, measuring and verification services via Land Commissions and Allocations. We also provide land acquisition services to clients looking to purchase plots of land.

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